Right click context menu to edit images with Photoshop

First, here is how I got image files (like .jpg, .png, .gif) to open in dopus with a double-click:Windows 10, I could right-click .jpg and other image files so that I could edit in Photoshop.

" Directory Opus > Settings > File Types > System File Types > jpg > Edit images (generic) with Edit button bottom right >
" Double-click open > run an application > (browse) > Program Files > GPSoftware > Directory Opus > d8viewer.exe > after this inserts the full path in quotes, add " %1" (with the space) at end. Since you're doing this for the class images, it fixes this for for GIF files and PNG files too.

Not sure how I got it to work in Windows 10 for sure, but this might have been it:

• Directory Opus > Settings > File Types > System File Types > jpg > Edit button (bottom right) >
• New > (in line of tabs in the middle of the dialog box) Context Menu > Action: Type “Edit” (without the quotes) > Application > Click the folder icon at the right > navigate to something like "C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop [current version]\Photoshop.exe" and then at the end type “ %1” without the quotes > Press OK > Press OK > Press “Yes” when UAC asks if you really want to do this. there are a whole lot of context-menu items for a .jpg file in Windows 11 that Directory Opus couldn’t see when I tried to do this and my attempt to edit the context menu was a failure.

This is related perhaps to a similar problem in Right-click context menu entries missing

Also, I tried right-clicking a .jpg file and then selecting "open with" as in Windows 10. "This file does not have an app associated with it for performing this action. please install an app or, if one is already installed, create an association in the Default Apps Settings page." Well, Photoshop is installed.

When I go to Settings > Apps Default Apps > [scroll down] > Choose defaults by file type >

I can go to .jpg and change it to Photoshop, which I did, that allowed me to right-click > Edit and then open the file in Photoshop, which fixed the problem for me, but I would think I would have been able to fix it within dopus, as it seems like it's supposed to be an option. Maybe I just missed something.

Thanks for any help.

--Keith Conover

I'm a bit lost host, sorry. What are you trying to do? Add a context menu item to open things in Photoshop?

If you were editing the Open action, you were almost there. In the same place, click on the Context Menu tab, and you can add any additional context menu items you want there.