Right Click Drag n Drop Fails

Over the last update or two I've developed issues on my system dragging folders/files from one window/pane to another using right click drag. Unable to drag files to copy or move using this method.

I'm selecting files with left mouse button down and release. I'm right-clicking on selected files and attempting to drag. If I right click and drag repeatedly after each fail, occasionally 3-5 times later I'll find it will co-operate as expected.

I am aware of the File Display Modes\Power Mode Buttons options in Directory Opus' Preferences.
My current settings:



May be related to what this person is seeing:

Please check that thread and let us know what your setup is like w.r.t. Jon's questions there.

Thanks, Leo

Right click drag & drop not working sounds exactly like what I've been noticing.

But I'm beginning to think it might be a software conflict with Faronics Deepfreeze if not completely on Deepfreeze. I just had to make some permanent changes, and restarted in a thawed state.

And now things seem to be working fine at the moment.

I am aware that the Deepfreeze has caused issues with windows sticking on top. It has happened on my machine and on a friend's system I recommended Deepfreeze who doesn't run Directory Opus. I have created tickets with Faronics over this issue in the past.

Or maybe it's as simple as a restart fixing a Windows tantrum.

I'll keep an eye out if it acts up again, and try to get a better sense of some context and what may be instigating it. If/when it pops up again, I do some more thorough testing based on some of the questions discussed in the thread you referenced.

Very strange. Just to declare some details...

Directory Opus: 12.10B6853

Windows 10 Enterprise
Version 1709
OS Build 16299.125

Faronics Deepfreeze Standard

Appreciate your time and support, Leo!

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I have not been troubled with this issue since reporting.
Appears to be a non-issue, with potential conflicts related to Deep Freeze, and possibly sorted out with a reboot.
As a developer I would invest very little time on it considering the obscurity of Deep Freeze. There are likely less than a handful of Directory Opus users even using Deep Freeze.

If you do use both and experience an issue, see if a reboot doesn't offer some relief.