Save and restore QuickFilter settings

This add-in saves and restores the quickfilter settings per folder when navigating in a tab. It's useful if you don't want to keep a quickfilter in a newly opened folder (Preferences / File Displays / FAYT and Filter Bar Options / Clear Quick filter automatically when changing folders), but like to automatically restore a quickfilter when coming back to a previously used folder.

The quickfilter definitions are stored with the tab, so they won't affect folders in other tabs and they will be gone once the tab is closed.

function OnInit(initData) { = 'SaveQuickFilter';
    initData.version = '2023-02-19';
    initData.copyright = '';
    initData.url = '';
    initData.desc = 'Save and restore QuickFilter settings';
    initData.default_enable = true;
    initData.min_version = '12.0';

function OnBeforeFolderChange(beforeFolderChangeData) {
    var tab =;
    if (tab.quickfilter.filter == '') return;
    tab.vars.Set(String(tab.path), tab.quickfilter.filter);

function OnAfterFolderChange(afterFolderChangeData) {
    var tab =;
    var tabPath = String(tab.path);
    if (tabPath == 'undefined') return; // this seems to potentially be the case when Layouts or Tabgroups get opened

    if (!tab.vars.Exists(tabPath)) return;

    var cmd = DOpus.Create().Command();
    cmd.RunCommand('Set QUICKFILTER="' + tab.vars.Get(tabPath) + '"');

Save EventSaveQuickFilter.js.txt to

%appdata%\GPSoftware\Directory Opus\Script AddIns

and use this button to turn the add-in on and off:

Prefs SCRIPTDISABLE="EventSaveQuickFilter.js*,toggle"
Button as XML
<?xml version="1.0"?>
<button backcol="none" display="both" label_pos="right" textcol="none">
	<function type="normal">
		<instruction>Prefs SCRIPTDISABLE=&quot;EventSaveQuickFilter.js*,toggle&quot;</instruction>

How to use buttons and scripts from this forum


hello. it's pretty good. but how i can to delete a saved filter?

Closing the tab and opening a new one should clear any filter saved for that tab. (At least, based on my reading of the root post.)

(There are also some add-ins on here that let you look and manage at variables in general, which could be used to delete the tab variable that stores the filter. I'm not sure which is the best one these days, but the first few posts here have some options: Search results for 'variables #buttons-scripts' - Directory Opus Resource Centre )

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Thanks. Global Variable Buttons and Management Dialog are good.
but i see no variables for this script with them. there's for EveryThingSize, some others, but not for this script.

Yes, because this script limits the scope to the tab level.

If you were asking because the filter gets re-applied (but shouldn't) when navigating, try this version:

EventSaveQuickFilter.js.txt (2023-06-05)

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this works great!

I agree that this is worth doing.
I have added it to my navigation toolbar with a few changes.
I have modified this to be an icon toggle run from a tab focused variable.
The highlighting doesn't show much where I have the button placed, but the button still needs the code AFAIK for now.

@toggle invert
@set tab:QF
Prefs SCRIPTDISABLE="EventSaveQuickFilter.js*,toggle"
@set tab:QF=1
@icon:#default:filterfield,set $tab:QF
Prefs SCRIPTDISABLE="EventSaveQuickFilter.js*,toggle"

I also added Set Quickfilter From Clipboard in a dropdown menu with the additional line

tmp = tmp.replace(/-/g, '|');

This helps me filter photos that are date and time named in my personal naming scheme.

Save Quickfilter.dcf (2.9 KB)



Thank you lxp for the nice script. and Thanks David your button is very useful for me. I have been also added your button in my navigation bar.

The default search box doesn't save the search keyword which windows file explorer does. Its a request if possible please write a script for the default search box (which at the toolbar not the find pane) for remember search keyword

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This box sends its queries directly to Windows Search. It's not accessible from a script, I am afraid.