Save default lister details column sorting headers formats

Save default lister details column sorting headers formats

I want to save my default lister to display details with the following column formats in order for all listers NOT all folders

do not display thumbnails

Name | Size | Attributes | Type | Date Accessed | Date Modified | Date Saved | Date Archived | Folder path |

For music folders & all subfolders:

display album artwork thumbnails

Artist name | Year | Album | Disc # | Track # | Track name | Bit Rate | Size | Folder path |

for pictures

details view but display image thumbnails,

name, size, type, dimensions, etc

for videos

name, size, type, dimensions, length, etc

details view but display video thumbnails

i would like the option of specifiying whether or not to animate the thumbnail for gif images and videos upon hovering mouse, selecting (single click highlight mode or holding down a special control key while selecting or clicking


Have you read the Folder Formats FAQ?

Not sure what you mean by "for all listers not all folders."

Thumbnails are not animated but the preview pane (or viewer window) will display animated GIFs and movies.