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Save zoom level when saving lister preset



I have a versatile PC/HTPC setup. Sometimes I'm in a recliner in front of a large display and other times in a desk chair in front of a smaller display. I have certain lister presets saved specifically for HTPC use (watching movies and such), and others for "productivity mode" at the desk.

When using the HTPC-based listers I always zoom in to 150%, but whenever I load a lister preset, it is at the default 100% zoom level. I then have to manually zoom in.

I'd like saving each lister to save the zoom level when saving the lister preset.

My niche case isn't the only instance where this would be useful. It would also be helpful for making simple launcher layouts where perhaps you don't have many links but would still like to fill a window.


One way to do that now would be a script add-in which looks at which layout (if any) was used to create the window and changes the zoom amount.

We can help write the script if that sounds useful.


It does. I would appreciate that!


Here's a script which may solve things for you:

One caveat is that it won't change the font sizes in hidden tabs, if you're opening windows with more than one tab (on each side of the window). If you need that, it can probably be added, but I've kept things simple for now.

Update: It handles multiple tabs now.


In the next update the per-tab zoom level will be saved as part of layouts and styles.