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Script.InitColumns somtimes clears custom columns


In this script column-custom-text-and-regexp After saving the updated column config I call Script.InitColumns its in method SaveCustomColumns.

This should and usually does reload the columns using the new config. However some times this clears the column that is being edited. After this happens pressing Apply Changes will not get the column to render again. Pressing F5 in the Lister appears to fix the issue and the column renders again.

To test this you can use the sample config in that post (or just create a regexp of (.*)). Keep pressing the Apply Changes until the column clears, prob about 2-3 presses in a row.

I am unable to identify the cause, Is this a bug in my code or Dopus?



Somehow this reminds me of this issue:

Maybe it is related and helps to find the cause for either.


Fixed in the next update.

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I can confirm this has been fixed in version 12.6.2.