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Search using Chinese prefix pinyin?

When can we support the search of Chinese prefix pinyin like TotalCommander

Many Chinese users have abandoned opus, a directory that does not allow filtering of the first letters of Chinese characters in pinyin.They use TotalCommander because TotalCommander supports it
TotalCommander can locate and retrieve Chinese characters through pinyin filtering
Let's make a comparison
like this

We don't know much about Pinyin or how it works.

Is it an IME? If so, it should work already since it would just send character inputs to Opus. What happens when you use it instead? Is there a compatibility issue somewhere with some parts of Opus and not others? (e.g. maybe it can't open the search field, but once the field is open it can type into it?)

Or is it something that every program has to write its own support for? Or something else?

Where can we find information on it (in English)?

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I installed the Chinese language and tried it with the IME and it seemed to work ok for me (I typed ye 1 ha 1 in the video).

What exactly doesn't work properly?


Whether or not IME is used, the pinyin of Chinese characters is the same. For example 也(ye) 哈(ha), if this function is supported, then in English input state, there is no need to switch to Chinese input state, just enter yh and it will search 也哈. Equivalent to 也哈 is the English word yh, which can greatly improve efficiency.

That is to say, in the search state, Chinese and English are unified.

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Is this the TotalCommander feature you're talking about?

Yes, it's very detailed.

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  • You seem to understand me better
  • Would you please have a look? Thank you

I have updated the content, please have a look

You're absolutely right.

This is a very good efficiency-enhancing feature, if you didn't mention it, I have forgotten it.

Leo, Jon and Greg are great. Their programming level is very high, and they will do better than TC.

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I quite agree with you

The feature I'm talking about is not actually on the TC, but the TC has a QuickSearch eXtended installed

Why didn't the administrator reply to my message? Did I post incorrectly

Don't worry, they must be thinking about how to achieve it.

Jon's looking into things in more detail. We don't have any updates to post yet.

Users in China, with a population of 1.3 billion, are looking to add the feature

If you buy 1.3 billion copies we'll add any features you want :grin:


I want six billion people on the planet to use it