Search with Indexed files

In Windows, each hard drive has the option to enable/disable indexing:
Right-click on a drive and get properties:
Under the "General" Tab: Check/uncheck "Allow files on this drive to have contents indexed in addiction to file properties."

With Windows Explorer, indexed files are used for faster searching and searching inside certain file types.
I was wondering if Opus also uses indexed files when searching or does Opus Find use its own method? I've read the "Opus Find" page in Help.
If Opus doesn't use Windows index files, is it faster at searching than Explorer with indexed files? Or is the indexing mostly used to search within the files?

I assume Opus can't search inside of files without something like Google Desktop Search which I understand can be integrated with Opus.

With Windows Explorer, what advantages does indexing have beyond faster searches and seaching inside files?
If indexed files are not used in Opus Find, can I just turn off indexing on the hard drives?

Also, will a future version of Opus eventually integrate the Windows 7 indexed files into Opus Find?
If that is the case, I would just keep the default win7 behavior and continue to have all the hard drives indexed.

Opus does not use the Windows search index at all currently. It may do in the future; GPSoftware have said they're considering that.

Opus can still search inside files (although it can only find literal matches in the file data; it doesn't understand stuff like .docx files where the contents are compressed/scrambled).

I have set Dopus as Explorer replacement except for the default listed folders and I also added the Searches folder.
However, when I open the Searches Folder, Dopus still opens.

How can I open the Windows Searches Folder so that I can perform a Windows Indexed Search?

How are you opening the Searches folder?

In Win7; Start; search for "Search"; Finds "Searches" Folder; Create a shortcut to the "Searches" Folder on my desktop.
(The path to this folder was added as an exclusion for Dopus to replace Explorer)

Drag the shortcut you created into the list of excluded folders. Does an additional folder appear?

That worked. Thanks!
An additional folder was indeed created. It had the same path as the original one (C:\Users\Erik\Searches).
Not sure why the original exclusion did not work.

Has this changed as of 2023. I mean can Opus use the windows search index?

Yes, if you search via the search field at the top-right of the lister. It's like the similar field in File Explorer and passes the query to Windows Search.