Searching resulting in 'Not Responding' [Boxcryptor icon overlays]

I recently upgraded to Dopus 12.18 and have since moved onto Dopus 12.18.2 due to problems resulting in searching directories for files.

The find feature will start off ok but after a few searches - and I do a lot of searching of big folders - time becomes extremely protracted and by about the fifth search the 'Not Responding' message appears in the bar at the top of the program.

As I cannot hang around forever waiting for the program to complete the find action, I have to open Windows Task Manager to end task because I have not found a way to stop the action otherwise.

The problem still exists in the beta version for me.

Any thoughts on what can be done to correct this?

I have tried going back a version but every time I download what I think is an earlier version it is version 12.18 when it starts to load.

Using 12.18.2, please make some manually generated logs while the freeze is happening, and we should be able to see what's going on from those.

Here's how to make the logs: Crash logs for bug reports

Froze today but could not find any logs as shown in your hyperlink.

Is there another place where I need to look for these logs?

You have to create the logs while the freeze is happening. See the manually generated logs part of the guide.


Maybe this is related to the issue I am experiencing.

Using the utility panel with 'Find' selected, search operations are very slow when looking for files that are on the cloud and within a Boxcryptor drive.

Although these files are not encrypted, searching for files via the Boxcryptor drive means I now must wait an extended period for results to show; sometimes DOpus hangs in a ‘Not Responding’ state.

When I access it via the normal cloud address - it is a folder in OneDrive - there does not appear to be this delay.

The slowdown is a newer issue as up until recently, there was not this delay.

I also have the file manager programs 'xyplorer' and 'xplore2' which do not suffer this slow down when searching the files through Boxcryptor so this problem is peculiar to DOpus.

Any thoughts on this?


What are your search criteria? If it causes the file contents to be opened then it could be a lot slower or even cause freezes (if the driver or maybe antivirus do something strange and start blocking other smaller operations on the same drive while waiting for something to download or scan).

It is set for files and folders - sometimes also set for sub directories - and I am looking for part of a name. I am not trying to open anything at that time; just a find.
As I have already said, up until a recent upgrade, it worked fine and I think I have isolated it to the DOpus program as xyplorer and xplorer2 - both programs are file managers - do not have the extended lag that DOpus is having now.

Can you post a screenshot of exactly what you're searching for?

While searching, also check Task Manager to see if dopus.exe or any other processes are using a lot of CPU, Disk or Network. That may tell us which direction to look in.

How do you add a screenshot to this message?

In the interim, I have attached a link to a screenshot I took today.!Ain4n-nxtC4SiNFuJ-tFOqIrgLU95g?e=Ju1LBN
There are many shots but I have selected one.
This one took a particularly long time for it to respond; it was searching for a file from a part name in a single directory.
I have also noticed today, achieving took its time as well.
Again the issue was on a cloud drive - OneDrive - and accessed via the Boxcryptor label (Drive) - X Drive (default drive for BoxCryptor).

We were hoping for a screenshot showing how you had configured the search.

Note you can paste or drag (jpg, png or gif) images directly into a forum message, no need to use OneDrive.

Are these any better? DOpus was having problems this afternoon.


Wasn't allowed to put more than five images in my first reply.

All previous images were taken today.

I had time to start Task manager and put it up for a screen shots hoping to show you how long it takes at times to get DOpus to complete its 'Find' task.

The high CPU usage indicated in Task Manager means there's a good chance some process snapshots will reveal what's happening, if you can generate them.

We've split the instructions on how to make them into a separate guide to make it less confusing:

it was hanging a bit today so I took a couple of dumps and put them in a cloud file for you.

Link is:!Ain4n-nxtC4SiNFuJ-tFOqIrgLU95g?e=HncVHx

Dopus(8).dmp was when the Task Manager was showing a CPU use of 20%. The others are all in the high teens.

I just reread your email and have deleted the link and will send the information via email as stated.


I haven't heard from yo for a while about the issue I am experiencing with Dopus.

Is there any update for me?

I have updated to version 12.19 and the problem still persists.


We've been on holiday over the Christmas / New Year period, but will look at the details you send once we're back up to speed.

The dumps indicate that the freezes are caused by the BoxCryptor shell extension. Opus is asking Windows if files have any overlay icons, and Windows in turn calls BoxCryptor's shell extension, which then seems to freeze or deadlock between the thread which is asking and another thread which the extension seems to have created itself.

Thank you for your reply.

Is there an immediate solution for this?

It has only started happening over the last few months and it is not happening in other file manager programs I'm using such as xyplorer and Explorer2.