Select FROMSCRIPT help

I create this script with command 'SelectFromTxt' to select files listed in a txt file but files are not selected and nothing happen (there is no message error).

How Select FROMSCRIPT work ?
Commande_SelectFileFromTxt_Beta.vbs.txt (2.54 KB)

The script makes a vector ("objFiles") and adds files to it, but doesn't then do anything with the vector.

When the command is run, it does not know it is supposed to be using objFiles, since you haven't told it to.

While you can build up a vector and then give it to the command separately, it's even easier to add the files to the command directly.

Call command.ClearFIles() first, to clear the default list of files (whatever was selected when the script was launched), and then use command.AddFile to add each file.

This example in the manual shows how to do this when calling Select FROMSCRIPT:

Adding a new Internal Command

Note that command.AddFile needs the full path, not just the file name.

Thanks Leo

You can find final script here Command: SelectFromTxt (select files from text file)