Set the width and order of the file display fields

I need to be able to set the width and order of the file display fields

I DO NOT have a "Folder Options" Tab. Mine goes "New Folder" > "Delete" > "Admin"!
How do I get the "Folder Options" Tab?
Thank you!

That sounds like a very custom setup.

Could you post a screenshot of it so I can see what you mean?

Is it something you've configured yourself, or did you import someone else's config?

I have not configured anything, nor did I import anyone else's config.

That looks normal. The first screenshot in the page I linked shows what to click on from there.

It has changed. Folder Options is now inside the Folder drop-down you see at the top of his screenshot. The drop-down button shown in the FAQ (screenshot below) is no longer accurate.

Not sure what you mean but it is still accurate, and also matches the screenshot kitmason posted above.

Are you using an old / custom config?

I sit corrected. It does show the "Folder" button, but the red box highlights an item this is almost perfectly lined up with the toolbar below that it appears to be a button of its own.

@kitmason, between the first two steps in the FAQ, you need to click the "Folder" button in the top toolbar to be able to see the "Folder Options" button.

Now I feel really dumb! The image you sent appeared to me that the "Folder Options" tab was adjacent to the "New Folder" tab, not a drop down. Thanks for the help!
OK, I have the correct file and am attempting to manually set the Folder field widths and order and cannot find how to do that. I use multiple screens and have my Opus Files on a vertical screen and I can't see the fields I want to see without scrolling over, which is a real pain!

Easiest thing to do is to resize the fields in the actual file list. Then go to Folder Options and save the format as described in the FAQ. Make sure you turn off the auto-size options.