Setting Opus As Default Explorer For Other Programs?

I want to be able to use Directory Opus v9.5 for all file based activities. Currently D.O. only opens when I manually open a folder or launch it from a shortcut. When I use a program like Nero, Winamp, Firefox, etc... all program options that have to do with locating specific files or folders (example: Browse Files to add to Data DVD, Enqueue In Winamp, Open File in Firefox, etc...) all use Explorer. Is it possible to replace Explorer as the default file manager in other applications?

Opus doesn't replace the common File Open dialogs.

A second question. For programs that use the context menu entries "Explore", "Open File Location", etc... is there a way to change those context menu entries from using Windows Explorer? I use such features quite a bit in two programs I use on a daily basis.

If the programs launch the folder correctly (using NULL as the verb so they get the default verb) then they'll call Opus if it's replacing Explorer. Some programs incorrectly specify the "open" verb which will call Explorer, though.

See: The default verb is not necessarily "open"

Opus also tries to detect programs running explorer.exe directly but can't intercept it in all cases (without breaking a lot of the shell :slight_smile:).

Given that these Explorer instances are launched via context menu entries, would it be possible (on a per program basis) to change the functionality said entries?

Context menus within other programs? No, not in general.

Opus can change its own context menu items, and it can intercept context menus that it shows and make them do different things, but if a menu item added by a second program is shown inside of a third program then Opus isn't involved in what happens at all.

Several program authors have adjusted their programs to pass NULL instead of "open" as the verb when launching folders, once the issue has been pointed out to them. That's the best bet for getting it fixed in a particular program.

I'll see if I can get into the registry and see if I can edit or redirect those third party program context menu entries then. I really appreciate your help today. Thank You =)

I'm trying to set Opus as default for other programs.
I wonder if anyone can give any suggestions or guidance regarding edit or redirect those third party program context menu entries?

[quote="raymm"]I'm trying to set Opus as default for other programs.
I wonder if anyone can give any suggestions or guidance regarding edit or redirect those third party program context menu entries?[/quote]

Which programs and menu entries are you having problems with?

What do they do at the moment?

uTorrent is one example. No matter what this program will always use Windows Explorer.

Is Opus set to replace Explorer? (Preferences / Launching Opus / Explorer Replacement)

uTorrent should open folders in Opus if it is, unless what it does has changed very recently.

(There is an issue where you may get two Opus folder windows opening up, which will be fixed in Opus; see here. But if you aren't getting Opus at all then my guess would be that Opus isn't configured to replace Explorer and you just need to turn that option on.)

Opus is set to replace Explorer.
uTorrent opens in Explorer.
I would like quickaccess to open in Opus, but it doesn't.

Does anything open folders in Opus on your system?

What happens if you double-click a folder that's on your desktop, for example?

I just tested the latest versions of both programs, and:

[ul][li]uTorrent opens an Opus window for me once the download has got going. Before the download has started, I think when the download folder does not exist yet, using Open Containing Folder in uTorrent causes an Explorer window to open showing my documents folder.

(Not sure why yet, but it seems like a minor thing if that's the only time when it happens, as there isn't much reason to open a folder that doesn't exist yet for a download that hasn't started. Will look into it a bit more, though.)

Are you trying it with downloads that have started? Does the Explorer window that opens instead point to the right folder?

[li]From what I can tell, QuickAccessBar seems to be explicitly running explorer.exe, rather than using ShellExecuteEx, SHOpenFolderAndSelectItems, or a similar API to launch the folder, so it won't invoke the default filemanager.

If you mention it to the QuickAccessBar author, they might be able to change things. It should be a very easy change to make, unless they have a reason for doing things that way right now.


FWIW, you could create a similar toolbar using Opus itself, if you want. Use a floating toolbar docked to the edge of the screen, and set it to the Taskbar style to make it look similar.