Setting the default lister does not remember display options

I have just transferred my DirOpus from a decommissioned PC to new hardware. Activation is fine. I have set up DO on maybe 6-8 different PCs & never experienced this issue.

I want the listers to only display name, last modified & size. I configure a dual vertical lister display with this config & save as default lister. However, when I relaunch - or even switch between disks - the file type & attributes columns return. This was never a problem on my old PC - or my travel laptop.

Everything you need should be in this step-by-step guide:

Hi Leo.

I dont have the folder menu in the toolbar but was easy to find at the top level options.

All sorted - many thanks.


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Are you using custom toolbars or ones someone else made? They will make following instructions harder for sure.

Keeping the default toolbars around so you can turn them on when needed is a good idea if you want to run heavily customized toolbars for day to day use.

I have done a vanilla install & not changed or cutomised any toolbar. I used the Folder popdown at the top RHS of the main menu strip. I have uploaded a screen cap of my setup. I am not a power user & find that the setup>preferences covers all my needs - except the lister display options. I'll upload a screen cap.
I'm happy right now.

That is the Folder menu :slight_smile: