Share Screenshots of Features in Your Context Menus?


im just getting started on context menu crazy!

there are 7 custom context menu entries in that screen... and couples basic on were i changed the icon.
almost all of those custom entries started out as hotkeys... i put them on the context menus so i wouldn't forget about them. lol

think ive also made a few others for content type, ie open with photoshop on images, etc

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im following this topic cause i know ill learn some new dopus tricks! :slight_smile:

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these awesome everything functions came from this post Find possible duplicates of a selected file whilst using Everything (Voidtools)

they were posted as a button. i coped each one into the context menu.

i already forgot how i figured it out... but i moved my media player options into their own folder...

and this one i did without dopus, kinda, this is my Send To... Menu i populated it with common programs i use by creating shortcuts in, C:\Users\XXXXXX\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\SendTo , its built into dopus alias. i did this after windows has such a dumb time giving me the software id been using in the the Open with menu.

also once i have them in the send to i can remove some of these from the main context menu.

ahahaha. one more.... least we forget Quick Access Popup Menu.

which is its own full featured power house of a little utility.

once set up it can be run fully from the keyboard and its hotkey madness! i had to shut most of them off cause they kept stealing from dopus. lol.

it integrates with dopus in that it can display its favorites menus, its open and frequent folders.. and open anything file\dir on the menu in dopus. and them some i havent discovered yet surely.

it has a lot of useful automation functions built in as a customizable launcher.


in addition to context menus I've been creating customized drop down menus with contain my most used commands from other menus mixed with customs buttons\keys.

View [Extended]
// for my most used viewing mode switching


Quick Columns
// for quick sorting & columns tools
this one im still working on. the main aspect when started this was a faster way to move a column that's out of view, via a toggle, next to the name column.


Thanks for showing your Opus toolbars and context menus.