Show full file/folder names in DO v10

How do you show the full file/folder names in 'Large icons' view mode?
DO v10 only shows a part of the file/folder name and the rest is dots '...' I want it to show the full name ALL the time. Right now it doesn't show the full name even when the file or folder is selected. The only way it will show the full name is when I switch to 'List' view, which I don't want. I want the full file/folder name to appear in "large icons" view mode.

Even when selected the folder doesn't show the full name!


Turn off Preferences / Display / Options / Use visual style to draw items (Vista/Win7 only, overrides background colors) and the selection rectangle will expand to show the full name (but not look as pretty, FWIW).

Thank you very much. That's solved the problem.

Another question, is there an option to control how many characters appear in the filename when the filenames are not expanded? Maybe an icon width option?
I want to show 2-4 lines of filename text for all icons at all times in "large icon" view so I don't have to click on each icon to display the full name.
I went through all the options but couldn't find such a thing. Maybe I overlooked it?

Use thumbnails mode if you want to control the size of the icons/thumbnails.

The size of the icons in the Large / Small Icons modes is a system-wide setting. It can be changed, but changing it would affect more than just Opus.

Hello and sorry to revive an old thread, but there is a chance in the future for long names with no spaces to be entirely shown, in Thumbnails/Large Icons display mode, with Visual Style enabled ?

There's a chance, yes.


I have the same problem with the names of files and folders being cut off, and they are in capital letters in my case

When I turned off Preferences / Display / Options / Use visual style to draw items (Vista/Win7 only, overrides background colors) as suggested I got normal Segoe UI font, and full file and folders names but the font reversed to capital letters and cut off names after the mouse is inactive for a few minutes, and, as far as I could notice, only when the Dopus window is shown in the foreground on the monitor.
The same problem with files and folders names being cut off occasionally occurred when I switched between styles, which doesn't seem to occur any more after I unchecked Folder lock boxes in the individual styles settings. I also noticed that any updating of a style for some reason gets this boxes automatically checked. I tried everything including deleting all styles and tab groups, replacing folder formats for all folders through Folder Options, saving new styles and listers, as instructed here on the forum Folder Formats: Quick Guide but I still have the problem with this. Hope that you have solution for this, thank you for the help.

This sounds like a different issue to the original post, and these symptoms are usually caused by trying to bypass the licence check in Opus.
If you have purchased Opus please link your account and we'll try to help you further.