Show/Hide Filters

There are several folders and files that need to be on my system but I don't want to see them when using Directory Opus. Examples of files are thumbs.db and desktop.ini. Examples of directories are Documents and Settings, Autorun.inf, and $AVG. Currently I'm using the Show/Hide Filter located in Folder Options.

The problem I have with using this method is that it is only intended for temporary use and it hides all folders that are specified. So if I wanted to block C:\Games\Halo\Saves\ I would specify Saves in the hide -> folders box but ANY folder called Saves would be hidden when I only needed the one located within the Halo folder to be hidden. Is there any way to specify, by location, files and folders I wish to be hidden?

Yes, you can save different Folder Formats (which contain the filters) for specific folders if you want to.

See the Folder Formats FAQ.

This is exactly what I was looking for! Thank You :grin:

Is there a way to set what folders I want hidden in the Folder Tree?

Yes (to some extent), Preferences -> Listers -> Folder Tree.