Show your opus desk :)

Good morning all
Show your Opus desk to give each new idea for improvements
Thank you for sharing :):):slight_smile:


Mine isn't so racy, but I like libraries.

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My desktop. Two monitors in portrait mode, one in landscape.

My Lister.

Don't you dare copy any of this ingenious design :wink:


very good :slight_smile:

That's really a gorgeous setting - not sure how you get any work done though! :slight_smile:

Hello jsreynolds

For my office it's not very complicated to put everything in black with icons that stand out well
two three improvements and the screen that goes well and above all a transparency software, it's time to play

on the other hand to have transparency you need a dark background image if you take a vivid image you have trouble reading dopus,
and manage window overlays because they are placed on top of each other, it becomes unmanageable

@ + :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

No many changes since last screenshot, just size changed to 24:10 (3840x1600) :smile:

I can't get past the fact I have such great monitor envy...

How did you get that drop shadow on the drive toolbar?

Your setup look awesome btw :smile: