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Simple Dark Theme



Created a simple dark theme for myself and thought, why not share it? So here it is.
Maybe someone likes it.

Keep in mind this was created in half an hour, so things could be off in specific views, but you can report those things and I will try to fix them.

Would be so nice to have a native dark theme or to be able to customize the window frame color, plus some more color options for the search field, the path navigator and separate color for the column head separators.

Also, anyone knows how to get rid of the white horizonzal line on top of the status bar?

Simple Dark.dlt (64.2 KB)


Nice looking theme (both of them), thansk for sharing.

Its currently not possible, See this thread


Really nice dark theme!


I'm glad you both like it. :slight_smile:

Oh, what a bummer. I hope it will be in a future update, but in the end it's just a minor thing.
Anyway, thanks for clearing that up.


I'm sure there are more than just two of us who like it (based on the download counter so far, which will surely keep increasing over time) :smiley:

It's just that historically majority of users here never give any feedback on these things :slight_smile:


Love your theme, would you care to list the names of all the items in the settings menu you had to do through to get this theme, and more specifically how you changed the color of the title bar (very top line) ?


Can someone help me figure out why I can't get the title bar and menu drop down bars to appear in the theme colors instead of the windows default? (running latest build of windows 10 pro 64, fall creators updates)


Turn on the Title Bars option here, for the title bars:

Toolbar backgrounds can be configured in Opus. Normally Preferences / Display / Colors and Fonts / Standard toolbar, unless the individual toolbars override it (Customize / Toolbars).


Thanks Leo!

the Windows 10 setting you are referencing changes the color for all windows apps and not just dopus which I dislike as I don't want, say Chrome to have this dark gray title bar that I want for opus, how would I change the color for just opus windows to match a selected theme?

Thanks much


You can't. Windows draws the titlebars and doesn't have a per-app setting for them.


Thanks for clarifying that!

So I guess those theme screenshots - including the one on this page from dun198 - that do show the title bar matching the theme have that same title bar color system-wide and not just in opus, correct?


I expect so, unless an additional tool had been used to get different colors in different windows.


thank you!


Hey nhbdesign,
Sorry for not replying earlier. Somehow the email notifications went into the spam folder automatically.

Like Leo already said it's not possible to change the titlebar color on it's own. So, yes, I did it via window settings and I should have mentioned it in my initial post.

For the toolbars you have to change the color manually since it's doesn't get saved with the theme, which Leo also explained already.

Maybe someday there will be support for customizing the titlebar color within the application. That would be nice. Plus having the toolbar color embedded in the theme file.


Really nice of you getting back to me. I did waste quite some time (embarrassed to be specific..) trying to make it work... no success of course.. but I appreciate you clarifying that for me.

all the best!


Very nice. I have installed this theme, but the toolbar did not change color. Still the default. How do I get the toolbar dark like in the image above?


Thanks for the Dark Theme! looks great.


Looks like the setting Preferences / Display / Colors and Fonts / Standard toolbar disappeared or moved in 12.10. Anyone have any idea about this?


It's now called Toolbar and menu defaults, in the same place.


Thanks, Leo, for the response. However, it looks like it doesn't have the same effect from 12.9 to 12.10 - note the menu bars across the top in the two screenshots. I've set the same three settings between the two versions the same, and I've fiddled with the other settings in 12.10 - what am I missing?