Simplify JScript

I was new to DOpus last year and proposed adding new simplified script.
Hello! Request to add a new simplified script - Help & Support - Directory Opus Resource Centre (

Now that I have learned some basic JScript, I know that adding another scripting language may be redundant, but I think JScript can be simplified to make scripting more efficient, more friendly to new users, and easier to get started.
Now my idea is to add some built-in functions, like some common dialogs.
inputBox(title, topic, notes, default value, style of dialog, width, height, drop-down items, iconFile)

	var tab = DOpus.listers(0).activetab;
	var defValue = tab.selected(0).name_stem;
	// inputBox(title, topic, notes, default value, style of dialog, width, height, drop-down items, iconFile)
    result = inputBox("Directory Opus", "Move Here to New Subfolder", "Select or enter folder name or subpath", defValue, "combo", 500, 208, "selectedNames", "D:\\Icons\\MOVE.png");

function inputBox(title, topic, notes, defValue	, style, width, height, drop_downItems, iconFile)
    var dlgInpput = DOpus.Dlg();
    dlgInpput.title = topic;
	if (style == "combo")
        dlgInpput.template = "dlgCombox";
	dlgInpput.detach = true;
	dlgInpput.Control("static").style = "b";
	dlgInpput.Control("static").label = topic;
	dlgInpput.Control("static2").label = notes;
	dlgInpput.Control("static3").label = iconFile;
	dlgInpput.Control("combo").label = defValue;
	dlgInpput.Control("combo").SelectRange(0, -1);
	dlgInpput.Control("static").cx = width-12;
	dlgInpput.Control("static2").cx = width-12;
	dlgInpput.Control("static2").cy = height/4;
	if (width > 501)
	    dlgInpput.Control("combo").cx = width-42;
	else if (width < 801 && width > 501)
	    dlgInpput.Control("combo").cx = width-402;

	dlgInpput.Control("combo").y = height-(height/1.9); = width; = height;
	if (drop_downItems == "selectedNames") {
        for(var e = new Enumerator(tab.selected); !e.atEnd(); e.moveNext()) {

//-- Add string trim() method
String.prototype.trim = function(s){s=s||"\\s";return this.replace(new RegExp("^("+s+"){1,}\|("+s+"){1,}$","g"),"");}

// msg loop	
		msg = dlgInpput.GetMsg();
        // Selection
		if(msg == true && dlgInpput.Control("combo").focus == true) {
        // Result, perform the move operation
		if (dlgInpput.result == 1) {
            return dlgInpput.Control("combo").label.trim();
		// If the button 3 is pressed
		if(dlgInpput.result == 2) {
		DOpus.Output("Button 3 is pressed");
		// If the button 4 is pressed
		if(dlgInpput.result == 3) {
		DOpus.Output("Button 4 is pressed");
	} while (msg == true);

function msgbox(message)
    var dlgMsg = DOpus.Dlg();
	dlgMsg.message = message;
	dlgMsg.buttons = "&OK";
	return dlgMsg.Result

	<resource name="dlgCombox" type="dialog">
		<dialog fontsize="8" height="78" lang="english" resize="yes" title="Directory Opus" width="322">
			<control edit="yes" height="40" name="combo" type="combo" width="306" x="8" y="40" />
			<control close="3" enable="no" height="14" name="btn4" resize="xy" title="&amp;4" type="button" visible="no" width="50" x="101" y="57" />
			<control close="2" enable="no" height="14" name="btn3" resize="xy" title="&amp;3" type="button" visible="no" width="50" x="155" y="57" />
			<control halign="left" height="8" name="static" title="Topic" type="static" valign="top" width="280" x="30" y="10" />
			<control halign="left" height="16" name="static2" title="Notes" type="static" valign="top" width="280" x="30" y="22" />
			<control halign="center" height="14" image="yes" name="static3" title="Icon" type="static" valign="top" width="14" x="8" y="7" />
			<control close="1" default="yes" height="14" name="btnOK" resize="xy" title="&amp;OK" type="button" width="50" x="209" y="57" />
			<control close="0" height="14" name="btnCancel" resize="xy" title="&amp;Cancel" type="button" width="50" x="263" y="57" />

Maybe more detailed or simplified.
inputBox(topic, notes, default value, width, height, drop-down items, iconFile)
I often use AutoHotkey's MsgBox, ToolTip, and TrayTip functions.
There are also search, format values, format text and others.