Slow open of network drive due to shortcut w/missing target

In DOpus, I frequently open mapped network shares for work. Sometimes they open very slowly (30 seconds to 2 minutes or up). I've discovered this happens because there's a shortcut in the network folder whose target is missing.

This slowness doesn't happen when I open the network folder in Windows Explorer.

Sometimes I don't have permission on the network share to delete these bad shortcuts. Is there a solution that would cause Dopus to open these folders without the long delay?

Thanks very much!
Bruce Clemence

Make sure Sort shortcuts to folders like folders is turned off in Preferences. (I think it's under Settings -> Preferences -> Folders -> Options but if not use the filter at the bottom of the Preferences window to find it quickly.)

If that doesn't solve it by itself, you may need to disable the Description column in the folders or drive-types that might contain such a file. (The Description column will report the targets of shortcuts. I don't think it will cause the targets to be accessed, so you should be able to leave it on, but it's worth a try if the first idea doesn't work.)

Thanks very much! That stopped the slowness in opening, but at the cost of unchecking an option I want to keep -- that is, at all other times I want "shortcuts to folders sorted like folders" to be checked. Any way to set this on a per-folder or per-style basis? (Failing that, I suppose I could run a script to uncheck the option, open the folder, and re-check the option...) Thanks again very much for the help!

I think it's only a global setting, unfortunately.

I guess one workaround (if you have admin access to your local machine) would be to edit the hosts file so that the unavailable machine names get mapped to localhost, which would get rid of the delay. But that would obviously cause problems if those machine names are only temporarily unavailable and need to work at other times.

Hi Leo - clever, I like it. Might use that and be done with the problem! Thanks a million for your suggestions. Long live Directory Opus!