Slow transfer speeds over network

Forgive me if this has already been answered.

I am transferring files over the network to my other computers/server and I noticed I only transfer at 45-50 mb/s with DOpus, but when I disable DOpus, I get 100-140 mb/s.

I'm 100% sure this is a problem is DOpus. I have been researching this for the past 2-3 days and I have found that when I open my folders in windows explorer, rather than DOpus, they transfer at more than double the speed.

Does anyone have a fix for this?

Thank you.

Please see here for a recent discussion:

Thanks, leo.

Those settings don't seem to help me. Is there anyway to disable the file copy manger in DOpus, so it just uses the default explorer?

If not, I can try a file copier such as Teracopy.

In case anyone is wondering. I found this thread by leo, which solved the problem. Really wish I could use the default copy manager in DOpus. This is a big deal breaker for me.

Which settings did you try, with which values?

Did you check your NAS firmware and the other details mentioned? What type of NAS is it?

Sorry for the late response. I can't remember all the values I tried, but I was reading up on some other threads that mentioned the same thing and didn't have much success.

Here is some of the values I remember.

copy_nonbufferio_threshold at 0 and at 1.
copy_buffer_size: 64kb, 5GB, 15GB, 50GB

I also tried this forum, which is a good work around.

I decided to just manually open up windows explorer each time I wanted to move large files or use the solution from the link above.

I am using FlexRaid on Windows Home Server 2011. I also tested it on windows 7 with FlexRaid and just windows 7 alone, but I had the same result, even without FlexRaid. I think Directory Opus just caps at 50 mb/s over the network. After I changed the settings a bit, it ended up going to the 60's, but that still low compared to what I get with explorer.

5GB is huge and likely to slow things down.

Try 8KB, 256KB, 512KB, 1MB, 5MB, 10MB. (64KB is the default, and already tried, so no need to try that.)

It's also worth looking on the Networking tab of Task Manager to see when data is really being sent over the network, since speed indicators can be inconsistent between programs and even when the progress dialog says things are complete may be untrue, with the remaining data still being written from a cache.

If you see high network usage before the copy even starts, that indicates something may be using bandwidth to read the files, as could be triggered by a plugin or shell extension trying to read data for the existing files over the network in a poor way.

You're a lifesaver, leo!!!

8KB gave me speeds of 10-16 mb/s
64KB gave me speeds of 50 mb/s
256KB gave me speeds of 80-85 mb/s
512KB gave me speeds of 90 mb/s
1MB - 10MB gave me speeds of 50 mb/s

Looks like I'm sticking to the 512KB.
Windows Explorer still gives me 100-140 mb/s, but I can live with the 90 mb/s.

Thank you for the help!