Slowly when open a folder, it take 2 seconds

I've just bought a new laptop, and just installed the latest version of Dopus 12.21.
It makes me so disappointed, that when I open any folder even there is only one file in the folder, it will takes almost 2 seconds to show the list in the folder.
I use the "Detail " mode, and I've tried some other modes, but it is useless.
By the way, Windows native file explorer have no lag of the same operation(you can't feel the lag).

Thank you!
Best regards

A screenshot (showing the whole lister) might be the best way to start diagnosing the issue rather than trying to extract information on the lister layout you’re using, the pc specs and the drive in question....

That sort of slowdown on every folder change may be caused by a shell extension.

In the option, folder ->auto-loading->all other drive types set to "block", it will be super fast.

That would only affect opening multiple folder tabs, not changing folders in an existing tab.