Sluggish folder browsing


I'm experiencing strange effect while using DOpus (v.12.23). While I'm browsing folders on my local drive (NVME 2TB) it gets about 2-3 seconds to show contents of particular folder. The issue is not related to the amount of files inside a folder - browsing is sluggish no matter what folder I'm browsing. I checked the alternative file manager (XPlorer2), there is no such issue. Browsing mapped drives through VPN is almost instantenious comparing to current issue with DOpus.

I tried reinstalling DOpus but it didn't help.

Thank You in advance for any suggestions to solve my issue.

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First things to check:

I'm facing exactly the same issue: fast as lightning in my network and very sluggish via VPN. The Windwos Explorer is a lot faster via VPN....
Especially starting the context menu takes a lot time, if i'm connectetd via VPN.


Using DO in different VPN-networks since Covid, no issues here.

So, you are a lucky man, but this won't solve other peoples' problems... :wink:


As VPN isn't used by many users I just want devs to know, that VPN does not make problems for everybody. :kissing:

Than You for suggstions. It seems that Acronis True Image impacted RMB menu. I uninstalled Acronis software, right now there is no lag, but sluggish browsing of mapped folders (VPN) still exists.

Did you try using UNC-path instead of mapped drive?