Something windows explorer has that Directory Opus hasn't..?

In Windows explorer; Each time when I skim through a pictures folder with loads of subfulders I don't want to go up and down from sub to parent over and over again. So I simply type . in the search field in Windows explorer and explorer shows all folders/subfolders and files in the search lister and with the viewer pane on i can go through all pictures at ones without browsing the (sub)folders.

I haven't find a way to do this in opus..How can I do this in Opus?

View -> Flatview

Leo put together a very nice toolbar that allows you to easily change flat view modes (view all files, hide folder, group files with parent, etc.) here: ... t=flatview

Highly recommended! :smiley:

Opus has a search command, too, but using Flat View is better for this.

Thanks guys. Flatview was just what I needed. Especially the leo's toolbar..excellent. :smiley: :smiley: