Sort-by button broken

I just upgraded from version 9. I was a little disappointed that my tool bar layout was not preserved.

Everything went fine remapping my tool bars except for one custom button I had from version 9. The button executes a "Set SORTBY=sortlist" command. Nothing happens when I click it. Is something broken or I am doing something wrong?

Why don't we just have a sort list button anyway??

Your Opus 9 toolbars are still there after installing Opus 10.

Set SORTBY=sortlist works fine in Opus 10.

It is also part of the default lister context menu (i.e. when you right-click the file display background):

Doh, I should have guessed you didn't remove my old tool bars. Thanks.

As for my sort-by button, it indeed does not work. I am able to make custom buttons to sort by name ("Set SORTBY=name "), type ("Set SORTBY=type") etc., but the sort menu will not display.

Can you post a screenshot of the button definition (in the same manner Leo did, above), and what you see on your toolbar once you leave Customize mode?

OK, it's my mistake again. I am not doing it properly.

To make this work I need to do the following:
[li]Create a new menu button on the tool bar[/li]
[li]Right click on first menu item on menu and insert new button[/li]
[li]Right click on new menu item and edit[/li]
[li]Enter "Set SORTBY=sortlist " as the function (directly or using advanced entry)[/li][/ul]

The problem was: I had a user defined button named SortMenu lying around from a previous failed attempt to do this which totally throw me off track. When I turned on my version 9 tool bar my old menu button was there and operational!

Thanks for the help.