Sort files based on characters at end of filename?

This request is trivial, but if dopus can do it, then I want it.

I use text-to-speech software to read.
If I cannot buy a book in a TTS-readable format then I crop and scan a conventional book to create my own ebook.
My ebooks are given a filename which begins with the year of publication followed by the book title.
I have cropped and scanned a few hundred books which are saved as pdf files.
I have had - and continue to have - frequent moments of stupidity, when I have inadvertently deleted - and rendered unrecoverable - one or more of my ebooks, which I have then had to reproduce from my archive, so my archive needs to be easy to navigate.
I have therefore developed a system.
Each cropped book is stored in a numbered punched-pocket.
10 to 20 of these punched-pocketted books are then archived in a bag.
All the cropped books are contained in 14 bags, numbered 1 - 14.
The bags are in four colours: green, taup, red, brown

The pdf files:

  • are contained within a huge folder tree
  • have filenames of various lengths

I have allocated a suffix to the filename of each scanned book
The suffix is structured as follows:

Character #:
1 = the colour of the archive bag: g, t, r, b
2&3 = 'qq' a rare combination so that a search for 'qq' finds all - and only - the scanned books
4&5 = the bag number: 01, 02, 03 . . . 14
6&7 = the number of the punched-pocket containing the cropped book.

So, tqq1213 represents book#13 in bag-12 (which is taup).

Dopus (and even File Manager) permit me to easily find individuals and groups.

My question is:
Does dopus offer a means of listing the files in sequence i.e. tqq1201, tqq1202, tqq1203 etc .

You can do this with a script that adds a custom column based on a portion of the filename, and you can then sort by that column. The following thread has a good example:

Thank you for your quick response.
I can see how the form of your example is similar to my enquiry, but I can't work out how to translate it to my purpose.
Do you have another example which would be easier for a dumb schmuck to adapt?