Sort Folders with name template DD-MMM-YYYY

Hello All,

Being a totally ignorant user, I have made the mistake of creating date based folder hierarchy in the mask

DD-MMM-YYYY (e.g. 19-Jun-2010)

instead of widely recommended

YYYY-MM-DD (e.g. 2010-06-19)

I am just asking that is it a way in Directory Opus can be enabled to detect my current type of naming scheme and sort the folders correctly.

Because as shown in the attached image either ascending or descending sort always gives a mixed up sorting on month names so is it a way possible to keep the current naming scheme (which is more easier to quickly grasp) and do the correct sort.

Thanks and any tips

Opus can't sort those names/strings in date order but it can auto-rename them for you if that helps (obviously not if you have a system of tools depending on that format now).

You can use rename in regexp mode to convert to YY-MMM-DD format (Old name: (.)-(.)-(.*) New name: \3-\2-\1) and then just 12 renames to change month names into numbers. Tiresome, but simple and you need to do it just once anyway.