Sort Order

A couple of weeks ago I was given a solution for setting a default sort order so that when I open a fresh lister, it would sort the newest files to the top. The solution worked on a temporary basis (tools, folder options and sort) but it does not appear to stay when I start up Opus fresh. It always reverts to filename sort. I had a solution to this once before but lost it. I wonder if it wasn't part of the command line when starting a lister. I basically need a sort on modified and reverse to display properly and have that come up as default display.

I know it can be done and any help will be appreciated.


Sounds like you need to re-read the folder format faq - it will show you how to configure your default views (including sort order).

I do believe that Opus has tremendous flexibility to allow sorting by certain folders. I would like to open Opus with all folders sorted according to modified and reverse. I have downloads on many drives and want the newest to always be at the top in any folder I open and choose an alphabetically sort only when desired. The section you pointed out seems to control only certain folders unless I am not reading this correctly. I follow these instructions and the next time I restart Opus it's back to sorting alpha. Is there a startup command line instruction? It seems that I remember something about that.

Thanks for your help

PS: Opus opens up in My Computer - I wonder if this has anything to do with that as it mentions that the default settings differ for that mode.

The top section of the FAQ (from the 3rd line/paragraph) is about making Opus use the same format for all folders.

If following those steps doesn't work then go through all of your folder formats to see if any of them are still overriding the sort order.

If new windows still use the wrong sort order, please tell us how you are opening them and what you have set in the Launching Opus part of Preferences.

I do believe that within the instructions I found the answer. Now closing Opus totally and restarting, going to any folder with lots of files and checking the View tab, sort by, it shows sorted by modified and reverse order. If it stays that way, I would be more than delighted. This is a very powerful program with lots of flexibility. Great job and thanks for pointing me in the right direction.