Sorting of Columns depends on folder level, but it should no

Here is the problem I have:

A lister displaying folder1 is using the default folderformat and sorting (by name). Then I go to subfolder1 and change the sorting into something else (e.g. by time of change).
After going back - not up - I go to subfolder2 and instead of being sorted by name, it is also sorted by time of change. This is also the case for subsubfolders.

But when I click twice the name column in folder1 all subfolders inherit the sorting as it should be in all cases.

I am using the latest beta but it also happened with the last stable release. Tested on WinXP and Win7 (both 32 bit).

At work I am using a USB version (currently still beta) on Win7 32 bit and I don't have that problem there.

I have searched quite a long time for a setting in my configuration, which may cause this behavior but have not found one.

Has anyone an idea what I am doing wrong, or is it even a bug?
Any help is appreciated.


Is what you're seeing explained by 6. Changes to the Default Formats in the Folder Formats FAQ?

That is what happens if I go deeper into the folder structure and that is okay this way, as the displayed format is inherited to the subfolders.

My problem occurs, when I go back one step and go to another folder that one will have the format of the previous displayed subfolder, but not of the parent.
Reading the FAQ I learned about cached formats and it looks like these are not inherited to subfolders as it would be logical.

When I reset the cached format either by changing the sorting of a column or by using "Properties FORMATLIST" from a menu or button, subfolders will again have the same format as the parent.

I think I know, why I do not have that problem with my USB version. There I mostly use a custom format with some extra colums compared to my default. I saved that to all (sub)folders of my working directory, so default gets never used there.

My question now is, is the described behavior intended or is there a way to avoid it with no need to change the folder format?