Source Menu for Directory Opus 13

This is my effort to create a toolbar with many of the most common buttons for what Opus can do.

It is my version of how such a toolbar should be structured. As such, it is not based on, nor does it look like, the default Directory Opus configuration. I hope it allows a user to find functions more easily. Also, I hope it is useful as a source or primary toolbar to give one ideas about the breadth of options of Opus that one might want to add to their toolbars.

My design philosophy is:

  1. maximum file list
  2. maximum access to functions used often
  3. minimum space used by toolbars

I have two toolbars displayed at all times. Menu JEG displayed horizontally at the top which is the source or primary toolbar. The other one is Operations JEG displayed vertically between dual listers which is tuned to my work flow and might not be of use to many other users. A screen shot is included of my standard lister.

I also have nine special purpose toolbars called up and displayed when needed.

I have included two of those, here. The first is "-Flat View, Group and Sort JEG.dop" It puts all in one place all options for Flat View, Columns, Grouping and Sorting. The second is "-Collections JEG.dop" It puts all in one place all options for Collections.

I have also included the -File Display JEG.dop, a modified location bar and -Drives Location Bar JEG which displays my most often used drives, as well as a button for all drives. These two bars make up my Location Bar setup under Preferences - Location Bar - Toolbars - Display as a toolbar.

I use a number of scripts so I have included a text file with their names and URLs to them, should you wish to use them.

Comments, questions or suggestions willingly accepted.

Updated often
Version 2024-06-05
-Source Menu (67.1 KB)


Video of second level choices



i thought my toolbars where getting fancy.haha

youve a lot of awesome functions across these i would have thought of.

well done!

thanks for sharing will use some of your buttons as inspration