SourceCodeViewer 2.0 Beta Available ... uses SciTE configs

Hi All,

UPDATE ... Go here for more info:

Many thanks to Pascal Hurni for pushing me into doing this :smiley:

Top stuff. :slight_smile: I'll be installing this once I finish my backlog of forum posts to read!

Glad to see you do this! I already use SciTE for Windows to do alot of editing already so, I am very glad to have to see I will have to have only one set of configurations!

Now, how do I get you to really use the settings from SciTE? Seems to be hit or miss.

For instance, SciTE knows about Java, but the viewer does not.

I am 150% willing to debug this for/with you!

Thank you for doing this!!!!


It works with java just fine here.

Can you give me more information? For example do you have a file that works and a file that doesn't that you can email to me?

Not sure what extra information to give you.

I have wscite installed at C:\JPSoft\wscite

I have all the standard configuration AND in my C:\Documents and Settings\brisk folder per how SciTE is suppose to be configured.

I've "taught" SciTE about 4NT batch files (they end in .btm).

If I view a batch file (ending in either .bat -or- .btm) I get the white background screen (any way to change this by the way?) and the right side has the split screen (with the "correct" background color).

If I view any other files that SciTE handles correctly (i.e. Java, C, C++, JavaScript) then I get the standard viewer instead of SourceCodeViewer (I assume this because no white background with a spliter).

So is this good information? Will post more!!!


You will know when SCV is activated as the title will say " Source Code Viewer - "

In order to determine if SciTE can handle the file it does the following:

  1. Get the extension of the file passed
  2. Get all the extensions from SciTE
  3. If the extension is in the list it is supported.

The extensions list from SciTE is the file.patterns property but this is limited to 8K.

One quick test you can do is remove all file properties except and check to see if it matches.

If not drop me a PM with an email addy and I will send you a version with debugging added so we can see what is going on internally.

Not sure exactly what you mean by that statement, but I sent you an email so we can debug away!

Thanks again,


PM = private message
addy = address

I will reply to your email.

For anyone else interested we resolved this issue.

You must use the version of SciTE with extensions.

This can be downloaded from here:


Which is linked from:


I've DL'd the SciTE with Extensions, installed it to default path, even rebooted.
DL'd the SourceCode Viewer 2 beta zip, expanded to the Viewers directory.

However, I still am unsuccessful in getting SCV to show up in the refreshed Viewers list.

What else is missing?

Running on WinXPsp2, IBM T41 laptop, DOpus Unregistered.

I think I have to copy SciLexer.dll and Scintilla.dll from the SciTE directory into the Directory Opus directory before the plugin would work.

Confirmed - with the new SciTE, there is only a SciLexer.dll file - and once this is copied to the Directory Opus directory, it does start working (I did close and then re-open DOpus just as precautionary).

Since I'm new the DOpus, is there a good reference on how to customize SciTE (I'm a gvim guy traditionally) for font (fixed width) and background colors where it will be registered as well by the SCV plugin?

Also, how do you register new file extensions for the SCV plugin to handle?


-- edit --
I'm trying to tweak specifically the PHP settings. I didn't find a from the installation, but did find and cut-and-pasted a from However, the Courier edits I made to the properties file only shows up in the stand-alone SciTE, not the DOpus run.
-- edit.2 --
Seems to be a conflict between how the new is being read vs the overlapping information in Will have to cleanse the two.

You shouldn't have to do this. The .XML file contains the path where to find the .DLL. Is your SciTE installation in a different location than the one in the .XML?

My XML file (in the Viewers directory) points to C:\Program Files\Scintilla Text Editor which is the correct path but the plugin wouldn't load until I copied the DLL over.

When using previous versions of the plugin I never copied the DLLs to System32, so the SciTE directory and now the Opus directory are the only places where the DLLs exist on my computer.

(By the way, I haven't had a chance to try the end-of-line configuration thing we talked about a few days ago. Will let you know!)

Thanks for the info nudel.

I'll see if I can get some time to check this out tonight.

Hi All,

I've tried this and cannot reproduce the issue where the lexer must be in the viewers directory.

So, what I suggest is that you delete the .DLL and .XML from there and install the version I'm using:

I just deleted the old DLLs and installed that version. It works fine without having to copy any files manually. Thanks!

Uhmmm, the links to 2.0 beta are broken. Doesn anyone have a link to that version that is working? Regards!

My signature has been updated to the correct link.

Also here is the link to v2:

All the links have changed because I have moved from phpBB to IPB.

Where can I download SCV ? is offline!