Speed of opening folder

When I open the new folder on network with Directory opus, its action is not good, it will spend more time to read the folder;
But the same operation in Explorer, the speed is very fast.

Please link your account.

Zushi Zhang
Is this one?

I don't know what you are asking, sorry.

Link your account here: https://resource.dopus.com/link-opus

I haved linked my account sucessfully
My problem is opening the server folder in Opus is much slower than opening it in Explorer. It takes a while to load each time

Thank you.

If Preferences / Folders / Folder Behavior / Sort shortcuts to folders like folders is turned on, please try turning it off.

If that doesn't help, is the server on a LAN, or over the internet?

I have tried this, but it didn't help.
The server id on a LAN.
Actually all the operation on the server with Opus will take a few time more than the same on the Explorer

Have you checked everything under Crash, exit or high CPU when viewing certain directories ?

If nothing there applies, please send us some Process Monitor logs of the folder being read: Process Monitor instructions

Please check your private message, I have send the Logfile to you, thanks

Thank you.

Which folder should I look for being read in the log?

Can you see the picture like this?
All the operation in Opus are slower than Explorer (On the server).

I need to know which operations to look at. Which folder was read when you made the log?

It looks like a lot of other activity was done, e.g. renaming some files, so I don't know which part of the log to focus on for the issue with reading a folder.

You can just check the renaming, this is also very slow.

Please just tell me which paths to look for, or I am not going to spend any more time on this.

M:\BIW_Engineering\25_SAIC\MBSC-2202\025_3D\99_Other Data\01-供应商交互\02_车身数据
Can you see this path?