Standalone Viewer Keyboard Shortcuts and Context Menu

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I seem to recall reading some time ago that it would become possible at some future stage to tweak the standalone viewer's keyboard shortcuts and context menu. Has this happened by any chance? Can't seem to find how to do it.

In the lister I use certain image-related shortcuts that I'd like to make consistent in the standalone viewer. For instance if I rotate an image to the left with Ctrl + Alt + L in the lister, it is inconvenient be unable to use the same shortcut in the standalone viewer (never seem to remember that 1 and 3 do the rotations there).

If there's no GUI way but it's possible somewhere in /dopusdata I would still love to know as I have a lot of pix to sift through at the moment.

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It's not currently possible to change how the keyboard works within the viewer.

@Leo, thanks for replying.
I realize that making and integrating an interface to edit those shortcuts is a lot of work. In the meantime, could you guys at least give us a back door? Like something we can edit in /buttons or /dopusdata.
Added this to my feature wish list.

@tbone, thank you for the suggestion. I was really enjoying not needing another app like IrfanView any more, but might have to give that a go. I used to read Gizmo's review every once in a while (looks like someone mentioned JPEGview in the comment) but image viewers are such a cluttered space that it's hard to make sense of it.

Like this? HOW TO: Use the Opus image viewer inside or outside of Opus

As part of my answer was moved, here again:

Open with is not very comfortable and regs never worked. Why not just adding DO-viewer to control-panel > standard programs?

It can be set as the picture viewer tonbe used outside of Opus, which is what I was responding to.

If you dislike the method of setting it as such, that's a separate matter. It doesn't seem that much of a problem to me to use Open With once per image type (that you care about) every few years on a new machine.

One reason we haven't made it let you set all types in one go is it is complicated by plugins as well as by the viewer being able to handle hundreds of formats you wouldn't want it to be the default double-click action for (e.g. Word or HTML files).

We're not against the idea, it's just been deemed more work than it is worth vs other things we can spend time on, when Open With already works fine in our eyes.