Start Menu replacement

With Windows 11 and its awful Start Menu Im looking to finding a workaround.

Currently I have my Start menu organized like this

1a. SYSTEM Tools
1b. SYSTEM admin
2a. MEDIA Players

etc etc.

I know you can make a Start men u button that calls everything in the Start Menu. But is there a way I can make a menu button that will only list one of the folders at a time? How would I go about this?

There's an example here: Start Menu button

The command can be given a list of folder paths (or folder aliases) to turn into a menu. In that example it uses two aliases, /start and /commonstartmenu but you can use whichever paths you want.

If the paths contain spaces, put quotes around the whole list, like this:

Go PATH "C:\Folder 1|C:\Folder 2" FOLDERCONTENT=nomenusel

Thank you.I didn't work at first. probably because I wasn't using quotes. Also in order to get the desired effect I needed to put the item I had created into a menu. Now it works great.

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