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Start synchronisation comparison (with specified criteria) with single button


Is it possible to start synchronisation in comparison mode with a button + script? I would need to also be able to specify arguments such as a predefined filter to use.

Or is it only possible to open the utility panel? ie. this is as far as I’ve got…

Set UTILITY=sync

I know about COPYFILTER but I don’t think it quite does what I want- I would like to be able to view the comparison


Not currently, no, except for simple fully-automated non-interactive syncs via the Copy UpdateAll command and similar (where you don’t get to preview what will happen first).

We may add automation of the interactive sync tool in future but don’t have it right now.

For interactive synching that you can launch from a single button click from Opus, with various saved profiles etc., you might want to look at combining Opus with a dedicated sync/merge tool like Beyond Compare. You can make Opus buttons which pass it the arguments and folder paths you’re interested in (either hardcoded or based on the current folders, or a mix of both), and it will then launch, apply what you’ve asked for and let you interact with the results and execute the changes if desired.


Good advice, thanks.

I actually found a work-around in the meantime that works for my situation.

I was using a filter to find everything that was modified in the last day and upload it to an FTP server. I just want the preview to double-check everything that is being sent, and have no need for 2-way sync or anything. I’ve made two buttons with the following code:

Go {sourcepath} NEWTAB
Find NAME "Laravel FTP" IN {sourcepath} FILTER
go tabselect -1
Select ALL
Copy FILTER "Laravel FTP"

1st button duplicates the current tab, runs the filter, and displays the results.

Assuming you’re happy, clicking the 2nd button then selects the previous tab (which will still the display the unfiltered contents of the folder provided you haven’t clicked into any other tabs), copies all the files matching the filter. Then closes the tab with the filtered results, leaving you as you started.

This does the job for me.

Using copy filter to upload to FTP server

Having tried this on an FTP server I’ve found that it unfortunately doesn’t work quite as I expected; for some reason running a copy filter from a local folder to an FTP server seems to cause the filter to also run against the files on the web server which takes ages. I hadn’t realised this before.

I’ve opened a new topic which addresses this.