Status icons not telling the truth with OneDrive?

There is some strangeness in the way DOpus interacts with OneDrive, at least as far as the status icons are concerned.

I'm using OneDrive in "always available on this device" mode, i.e. files are not downloaded on demand. However, DOpus sometimes reports in the status column that a particular file is "locally available" (green tick inside a green circle). Two points to note:

  1. This does not agree with the status overlay icon in the name column.
  2. When using OneDrive in this mode, it should not be possible for a file to be locally available. Rather, all files should be marked as "always available on this device" (white tick inside a green circular background).

This is DOpus 12.10 and OneDrive 18.172.0826.0010, i.e. both very recent builds.

What happens after an F5 refresh?

And do you see similar results in File Explorer? (If so, it may be due to OneDrive.)

Refresh makes no difference.

Am not sure about File Explorer. Is there an equivalent to the status column of DOpus? (I turned on three columns all labelled "Status" but these appear to be blank).

The column is Availability, I think.

Availability and Availability Status columns are both blank.

Would be good to know if it's working in Explorer but maybe we can't test that, in that case.

Looking at the screenshot again, everything looks correct to me. The attributes column shows those files really are available locally (they don't have the O=offline bit set). The difference between one group of files and the other is that some of them are pinned (always available locally) while some are not pinned but happen to be downloaded locally.

The icon next to the file name may not show as many different states as the status column. Windows can only support 15 overlay icons in total, for all shell extensions on the system, so it's a very limited way of showing the status of things. OneDrive may be collapsing the two states into a single overlay icon. (As a guess. I don't know the OneDrive side of things as well as Jon, so he may correct me.)

Based on the screenshot, if anything is wrong it's the overlay in the corner of the file icons. The Status column is correct.

Do you see the same overlay in File Explorer?

Well, to repeat, I'm using OneDrive in "files are always available offline" mode and not "download on demand" mode so it doesn't make any sense to have some of them labelled as available locally. At least, that is my understanding of how this is supposed to work.

File Explorer shows the same overlay in the Name column.

Individual files can be set to different modes, which is probably what you're looking at there.

Right-click those files that aren't in the mode you want them to be, and choose the mode you want from the context menu.

Setting files to different modes only works if OneDrive is in download on demand mode.

You may be right that this is a OneDrive problem. So far though I haven't seen proof either way.

Btw, I should explain my interest in getting this to work. The simple solution would be simply to remove the Status column. However, I'd like to switch to OneDrive's "download on demand" mode. I feel that, if I can't trust the status icons in "files are always available offline" mode, then I won't be able to tell if they're working when I switch.

The displayed status comes from OneDrive itself (we ask it for the status that we show in that column).

I think the problem is that we shouldn't be doing that at all if "on-demand" is disabled. I have a feeling we're not even checking if that mode is turned off or not.

In the next update we won't show the status icons for OneDrive if "Files on Demand" is turned off.

Still, it's strange though that the overlay icon doesn't match the status icon.

But yes, if OneDrive isn't telling the truth then I guess there is no option but to disable the status icons.

The file attributes don't match the overlay icon either, and those come direct from the filesystem.

I think that, technically, the files are still pinned, but when in this mode OneDrive ignores the pinned/unpinned state of individual files. (If OneDrive is switched back to the normal mode, the pinned files will still be pinned, and the attributes and status values have meaning again.)

So it makes sense for us to just clear the status column when in this mode, the same as Explorer seems to do.

We've made this change in the 12.10.2 Beta.