OneDrive Icons not showing in Status Column

Leo - thanks for the quick reply. It's working now - at least on my home PC. They didn't come up on my work laptop, but it may be that the sync hadn't finished.

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I have the same issue with 12.18.2 where the status column is empty for the business onedrive folders

For my personal onedrive, however, the status columns shows the proper onedrive sync icons

Please run regedit.exe and go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\OneDrive\Accounts.

Right-click the Accounts branch and choose Export to save that branch as a file, and then zip and email it to

done. thanks for your prompt support

Thanks for sending the file. What do you see in Explorer for your business account?
It looks like you have "Files on demand" turned off for that account, which would explain why status icons aren't shown.

In Explorer, I don't see the status icon either, really odd...

I unchecked the files on demand setting just recently. Before I did it, I was presented with the sync in progress icon

I think this is normal behaviour when "files on demand" is off. We changed Opus to be compatible with Explorer in this regard; see this thread for the background:

yup, you are right... once I checked the checkbox, the status icon is shown

let's see whether the sync in progress problem shows up later

OS : win 1909
DO : 12.18.4

can you fix also part with folder status icons?

Unfortunately not, Microsoft broke the API we used to query the status of folders in Windows 10 1903 and have not yet fixed it.

Hi, my onedrive and dropbox icons disapeared since a while. status was not anymore in the column bar, so i put it again, but so far, nothing. (maybe it take a reboot ?). i checked in the preference and "show status cloud" is checked.

any idea ? Thanks :slight_smile: !

Which version are you using? If you haven't tried the current betas, please see if they make a difference.

i'm on the last beta, released today

OS : win 2004
DO : 12.21

Is there any progress with folder statuses?
I also use q-dir file manager and they also had problem with one drive status icons but they fixed that part few versions ago.
In file explorer is also working fine.

Make sure you are on the latest beta (not 12.21, which is older) and also disable all the OneDrive Mitigations via the registry setting to test if things are working now:!Documents/windows101903mitigation.htm

Let us know if that works, since we were waiting on feedback from someone in another thread but haven't heard back yet.

on the latest 12.21.2 beta and it's not working

Have you set the registry value?

OS : win 2004
DO : 12.21.2 beta

:partying_face: it is working


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Oops, sorry about that... Once I set the registry value, it's working!!!

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