Stored Queries

I’m not getting the option to save stored query when I right click after I’ve performed a windows search on a folder. I think this is because I use the full line select option which means everywhere I right click I get the file context right click menu. I also don’t use the folder tree so never have it open. Is there some place else I can click to save the query?

Also once I’ve saved the query how I can I access it again. I have a button that takes me to the file collections and in there I can a folder called stored queries but when I open it I can’t see the saved query.

The only way I’ve found around the problem(both saving and viewing the query) is by using the folder tree (which I don’t want open)

If there's no empty space in the file display you can get the same context menu by right-clicking either the File Display Border or the Status Bar.

When you save a new query it seems to be automatically named, but you can go and rename it afterwards.

Also note that Properties on a saved query will let you see and edit the query string, which directories it searches, and some other stuff. That's also why you can create new, blank queries from within the Stored Queries collection.

Ah the File Display Border or the Status Bar, must have tried everything but them, thanks.

The other problem I had was that once i'd created a query it would appear in the tree pane but not the main pane but i've just figured out what the problem is and it looks like a bug.

My saved query was called ".doc files" which while it's called this doesn't show up in the main pane. I then renamed the query to "doc files" (without the .) and when I refreshed the main pane the query appeared. So it appears any query's that begin with a . don't appear in the query window.

Do you think this is a Dopus or Windows bug?

I see the same thing. Easy to reproduce. Not sure if there is a reason for it.

I've filed a bug report about it in case it is a bug. Will try to remember to update this thread with info if it turns out it isn't.

Thank you Leo.

I’ve found a related problem of viewing stored queries in the file pane. I’ve created a new query called “pdf files in my documents folder” (I like to be descriptive ) which doesn’t display either. Note that there’s no “.” in the name this time round. I wondered if this was to do with the length of the file name so I started to delete characters from the name until it read “pdf files in my documents f” and then it started showing up again.

At the moment it looks like you can’t use the “.” character in the file name or have them longer than 27 characters (including spaces) otherwise they disappear. Although they do still appear in the folder tree pane. Not found any other combination yet where they disappear.

Jon fixed the dot bug yesterday and said it wasn't actually dot characters; it was a more general problem with renaming file collections. So hopefully it's all fixed now. Give it a try in the next version (there should be an Illuminati version on the forum in the next few days for keen people to try out).

OK will do, thanks.