Styles and details view


I'm having a hard time getting the "Explorer"view or any view that uses the detailsview with auto-sized columns. I mean, it always works but whatever I try I can't make it "stick"... When I navigate around some folders, it goes back to non-autosized cols. and the filenames doesn't show completely (which I normally want :slight_smile:

In Edit Styles, i select the style and check Format, and then click Edit... -> Display -> Details View -> Check Auto-Size... Also tried the Format Lock option in the Styles list but to no avail...

any ideas guys and gals?


The only time a Style ever does anything is the moment you activate it. It will apply its settings to the lister. After that the Style has no effect and when you change folders all that matters are Folder Formats.

Unless, that is, you make the Style switch on the Format Lock, in which case its settings will be locked in place. I'm not sure how that applies to auto-sized columns, though. (The Format Lock may lock the column widths in place rather than the "auto-size" setting.)

I'm having similar issues with the details view sticking to auto sized columns since the last update.

Even if I set my folder up with it, and use 'replace all' to apply it to all folders, it still jumps back to it after a while and when I check the preferences for the folder it is again unchecked.

Methinks it's a bug, as I've not had this issue before...



One of you is complaining that they're stuck to autosizing and the other that they're stuck to non-autosizing, so it seems both ways are possible.

Have a read of the Folder Formats FAQ and look at the autosize setting in all of your folder formats. Saving a folder format for all folders doesn't affect Content Type formats, for example, so that could be where the difference is coming from.