Styles/Layouts - Sorting folders by size

I tried to understand styles and layouts. I then tried to create what I like. But now I lost one crucial thing.

When sorting by size, the folders stay on top and are not sorted by size. How can I correct this?

Or, even better, how can I achieve my absolute favourite "view" (I am still not sure if this is a layout or a style) is:

  • two panes with the tree to the left
  • both panes show name/size/type/created-date-time
  • name and date are always visible
  • 1st, type may disappear if not enough width
  • then, may also disappear - but should stay for as long as width allows
  • name may get smaller - so as to not allow for extremely long names

Thank you

It could be one of two things. Is the size column populated for the folders, or blank?

The size column is populated.

Thank you for your help.

Have you turned this on?

I am, sure that this where I made the mistake.

But this is also where I am not sure, where to look. Is that style thing or a layout thing, or both?

It's part of the Folder Format.

You can view the active folder format for the current window by opening Folder > Folder Options.

Folder Formats can be edited in Preferences via Settings > Preferences / Folders / Folder Formats.

Styles and Layouts (and Folder Tab Groups) can store their own folder formats which override the main ones (saved when you save the style or layout), but they have options to disable that.

Interesting. That brought me to something new: "Folder Formats".

What is that in relation to "Styles" and "Layouts"?

Was mentioned in my previous reply:

Unless you actually want the Style or Layout (or Folder Tab Group) to change the folder format, you should tell them not to via the appropriate Preferences page for the type of thing (Style, Layout, Tab Group) you're using.

If you do want them to change the folder format, make sure the formats saved into them are correct. Load them up, check the formats, and if needed change the formats and resave the Style, Layout or Tab Group.

(Explaining this would be easier if we settled on a particular thing, but I'm not sure which thing you're using or having problems with.)

Format I now understand and I understand what overwrites what. Thank you.

To make things easier, we could settle on my favourite that was mentioned in my original question. I have tried to achieve this but I am not sure if this is a style or a layout. Please just assume that I know nothing about this.

I am not sure if this is a style or a layout

Both would work.

Layouts can store the lister's size & position on the monitor, which is perfect for multi-monitor setups.

When I started using Opus I relied heavily on Styles, nowadays I don't use them at all. I use Layouts and Folder Formats and a bunch of hotkeys to tweak the display to show what I need.

This setup has evolved over the years and still is getting fine-tuned.

@Leo Did you give up on this?

Leo cares.

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But this doesn't make him a nurse.

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I am sure you must see me as another user that does not put in the effort to understand the usage of the software.

Would it be unthinkable that you could provide me with a link to a tutorial?

No. Have a look:

Plus there are several videos covering the file display and folder formats:

You could use either. It really depends on how you want to use them.

  • Styles are usually used to change an existing window.

  • Layouts are usually used to open one or more new windows.

They both contain roughly the same things.

Note that if you just want to define how everything looks all the time, then you don't need Layouts or Styles for that. Those should only be used when you want to switch to something different to your normal settings.

For your normal settings, the Default Lister is all you need.

Your first bullet point ("two panes with tree to the left") can be set up by simply turning on the tree and second file display, and then saving the Default Lister.

Out of the box, the Default Lister is saved every time you close a window. But you can also use Settings > Set as Default Lister to save it explicitly, and that gives you the choice of turning off automatic saving (so you don't accidentally change it in future). The setting can also be reviewed under Preferences / Launching Opus / Default Lister.

Most of what you're asking about (columns and sorting) doesn't directly involve Styles or Layouts, though. The other 5 of the 6 bullet points are properties of the Folder Format. Styles and Layouts can contain/override Folder Formats, but if you just want the same format everywhere then you should not think about Styles or Layouts, and instead set that up as per the Folder Formats FAQ.

At the bottom of that FAQ, there's a detailed video which covers most of your bullet points, in terms of column sizing and what is shown and hidden when there isn't enough width for everything: