Support for 'Direct Folders'

Using one can add frequently accessed folders and files to a menu. A double click on the desktop brings up this menu and we can select a menu item to launch it. If the menu item is a folder, that program has the option to go there in windows explorer or in Total commander (opens in a new tab). [Screenshot attached]

Coming back to Directory Opus, I've set Explorer Replacement -> Replace explorer for all folders.

So when I selected a folder in 'Direct folders', I was hoping that it would switch to Opus and take me to the selected folder in a new tab. But instead it opens the plain old windows explorer.

Any way to make this work?

You most likely need to write to the people who make Direct Folders and ask them to change their program so that it opens folders with the default verb (i.e. null) instead of explicitly using the "open" or "explore" verbs (which both point to Exporer).

Using the default verb is the right thing to do: ... 32224.aspx

I use a program called Folder Express. It works good together with Dopus. It will invoke Dopus, and supplements Dopus in 2 areas in my opinion;

  • it is an Open/Close dialogue helper program
  • it can do a recurrsive opening of directories

I'll change to default verb in the next version, thanks for the hint. Right now you can edit file

C:\Documents and Settings%User%\Application Data\Direct Folders\Options.ini

Change line



LauncherFolder=C:\Program Files\GPSoftware\Directory Opus\dopus.exe

Fixed this and added full support for Directory Opus in Direct Folders 3.6.
[url]Direct Folders]

I have just installed Dopus 11 Beta which has a Breadcrumb entry for each lister. However, if I remove the Global breadcrumbs edit box Direct Folders mouse click no longer works. Once I reinstall the Global Breadcrumbs edit box all is OK again.

Can you please point me in the direction of how I resolve this as I really miss the Direct Folders support!

You need to ask the makers of Direct Folders to update it to work with Opus 11. We can't update their code.

Thanks for your quick reply Leo.

I've decided to move from Direct Folders to Listary Pro (as some others have done!) and that has resolved the issue.