Switching Folders From Double Pane to Single pane And Back -Please explain

The prior response to my similar question was: "The default Opus 12 toolbars use this command to toggle the dual view on and off: Set DUAL=Toggle,Vert,Remember,ToggleLayout The Remember part of that will remember the folder which was open."

I d not understand how to set DUAL= Toggle, etc.

Can someone explain this procedure? Is there a button I can click on that will do this?

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The quoted post, for context:

If you're using the default Opus 12 toolbars, there's already a button for this near the top right. Look for these icons (which split the window vertically and horizontally):


If you're using toolbars from an earlier version, you can either reset the Menu toolbar to factory defaults or edit the individual buttons to add Remember to them.

See How to use buttons and scripts from this forum which is always available quickly via this menu at the top of the page: