Tab labelizer plugin to assign more detailed names to tabs


I have created a new Tab labelizer plugin.
I was inspired by the Tab labelizer plugin from @tbone. It is very useful, but it hasn't been updated for a long time. Therefore I decided to create a new version. My version is much simpler. It only changes tab names without any extra options. This allows to have a very simple implementation which can be very easily customized and maintained.


Could you please provide more detail on how to use this plugin? I can load it correctly into the scripts area but seem to have a brain fade on how to work out how it works. Might be because it is 41C today.

I can load it correctly into the scripts area

That is it, drag and drop it to the Scripts menu like it is shown in the "How to use" section and press "Ok". After that every time you will open a tab or change a folder in an existing tab, it will get a label like it is shown on the screenshot in the "Description" section.

Ok. Thanks. Thought I was missing something.