Tab questions

I'm a newbie and have two questions regarding tabs:

Is it possible to remove the icon in the left side of the tab?

Is it possible to rename a tab without affecting the folder that it points to?


Neither are possible. The Folder Tab name changes dynamically with the the most junior folder in the path you are listing. There is no way to turn off the icon; however, you can turn off the close tab button (the X icon).

All customizable for Folder Tabs options are located in Settings Menu > Preferences > Listers > Folder Tabs

Both the items you are looking for would have to be enhancement requests.

There's also a setting or two under Preferences > Display > Fonts & Colors.

As a follow up,in order to open a new Group of tabs, one must tight click on a tab, select Groups, and then select the desired item. Is there a button that will do this, with a drop down showing the Groups?


You can create such a button. On my toolbar (in customize mode of course) I right clicked and created a NEW MENU and inside it are the following buttons/button commands. The top line in each 2 line group below describes what the button does, the line below it is the actual button command to do it.

Close all tabs

Create a new tab

Edit Saved TAB Groups
Prefs PAGE=settings,2

Save Current TABs

View a list of all saved Tab Groups

JohnZeman. This worked great but I ended up with 4 buttons on the button menu plus the Groups below it. Is there a way to combine all commands into one button?


You can combine multiple commands into a single button but only if you want every one of those commands to execute each time you push the button and I don't think that's what you're looking for. The way you're seeing it now is the way I wanted it to be for my own uses, I press the one button on my toolbar that I named TABS and it shows me a submenu of those choices. I honestly don't know how it could be simplified much more. Well I guess you could create a 3 button button instead of a new menu and then you'd have a left click that does one button command, a right click that does another, and a middle mouse click that would give you a third. Which would give you a maximum of 3 choices. I use 3 buttons a lot, but in this situation I prefer to use a menu so I can have a lot of sub-buttons.

I realized that I only need to press the button with the Group name that I want to use so this is fine. Thanks for your help.


[quote="jdd"]JohnZeman. This worked great but I ended up with 4 buttons on the button menu plus the Groups below it. Is there a way to combine all commands into one button?

You can combine three actions to one single button, if you have a three-button mouse, two if you only have a two-button mouse. You assign one action to Left-Click, one to Right-Click, one to Middle-Click.
You can also create a button that has a drop-down menu. The button has one operation (usually the you most often use), the drop-down menu can have as many as you like.

Read the Customize section on page 70 of the DOpus User manual for all the things you can do.

Also, check out the tutorial linked below by Tanis. It won't cover the commands you want, but it will teach you a lot about how to customize buttons and toolbars.
[url]Triple Drive Buttons (How to lose the tree) (step-by-step)].