Tabs and copying files question

Hello All
I have recently downloaded the trial version of Directory Opus and I think it is an excellent program and I will be purchasing a copy as soon as possible.

In the meantime however I have a couple of questions. I apologize if these have been covered elsewhere but I could not find the answers in a search.

  1. I have links to my hard drives set up as a quick launch toolbar in Windows. When I click these a new instance of D'Opus appears. Is it possible to create a new tab in an existing D'Opus window instead?

  2. When copying files or folders rather than adding "Copy of" to the front of the file or folder is it possible to instead add a number to the end of the file or folder.

  3. Is there an add-on available to view the contents of a disk stakka drive?

  4. I found how to display a close button on each tab but is it possible to get the close button to appear on the extreme right of D'Opus similar to Mozilla Firefox?



Why not set up a saved tabbed view of all your drives and use the "double click" on the desktop to open a new lister with the tabs already there? However, if you are wanting to reuse an Opus lister, that's a bit outside of my knowledge but I'm sure it's possible.

That's changed in FF2, the default is a close button per tab. What you are after may require a feature request.

There isn't a perfect way to do this right now.

You can run Opus commands from the Quicklaunch bar easily but there isn't currently one to do what you want in a good way.

You can use a command like this to open something in a new tab of the current Source lister:


The problem is that this doesn't bring that lister to the front.

You can use


to bring the last active (clicked-on) lister to the front, but the problem is that this may not be the Source lister, so if you run one command after the other then the tab may open in one lister while another is brought to the front. (Of course, if you only ever have one lister open then it's fine.)

I'd say a better solution right now is to put the drive-letter buttons in your lister toolbar, then click on those instead of the QuickLaunch bar.

You could also configure new listers to open with tabs for each drive letter for easy access.

Don't think so, but this only happens if you copy via Clipboard Copy & Paste (Ctrl-C/Ctrl-V). If you copy using the Copy File command (i.e. the button in the toolbar) then you'll be prompted for what to do when names collide with one of the options being Auto Rename, which will rename using numbers as you want. You can also modify the Copy command to do this automatically without prompting you.

There aren't any Opus plugins for Disk Stakka devices. If someone has written something which makes the device look like a normal filesystem, or available as a shell extension within Explorer, then it should work in Opus.

In Dual Mode (when you have two file displays in a single window) the close button on the File Display Border does this job. Unfortunately it isn't shown in single display mode. :frowning:

I'd quite like to see this changed as well. I like being able to close the currently visible tab via a button that's always in the same place.

In Opus, however, you can make a button on your toolbar which closes the current tab. So you can have something that's always in the same place to close the current tab, but you can't have it right at the end of the tab bar. (Above it, on a separate toolbar, is doable.) The command is:


(For what it's worth, and slightly off-topic, I'm starting to dislike the change to individual close buttons in FireFox 2. They look nice but I keep closing the wrong tabs by mistake (perhaps because there's so little colour difference between the active and inactive tabs) and although you can change it back to a single close button at the end, it then looks ugly because that new drop-down arrow is designed to appear right at the end. Sigh. I also hate how when there are a lot of tabs you have to scroll even when there's plenty of opportunity to shrink them smaller before that's required.)

(Opus windows are usually thinner than browser windows, so I definitely like the idea of a single close button rather than lots of space used for multiple buttons. Since that isn't an option, I turn the close buttons off and middle-click the tabs to close them.)

(In Opus there are usually fewer tabs open, with more important labels, too, so I think it's wrong to blindly compare Opus and FireFox and say they should do tabs in exactly the same way. I do fully agree, however, that a close button at the end of the tab bar (or always on the File Display Border, even in single-pane mode) would be a good thing in both programs!)

Hello All
Thanks for the replies. I have set up a shortcut bar in DOpus but it is far from ideal. I don't want to lose the functionality of the taskbar shortcuts but I guess it is not that large a drawback.

Where do I put the GO C:\ NEWTAB? If I add it to the shortcut on the taskbar it causes a not found error. Is there another place to put this command?

The copying of files and folders has been an issue with explorer as well so I am used to the issue but it would be good to be able to change the behavior.

In regards to the close button, I have set up a toolbar with the close button as suggested but when resizing the DOpus window the tooolbar moves away from the extreme right.
It would be good to have a close button of any kind on the right, in the same way as other programs such as Photoshop, UltraEdit etc have them for open documents.

In regards to the Firefox tabs, it is possible to turn off the scrolling of tabs.



There's a feature request to make it possible to use NEWTAB and LASTACTIVELISTER at the same time so hopefully this will be possible in a future version, if you can't get used to the way it works now.

There are a couple of ways you can do this but the easiest is to create the button on an Opus toolbar, then drag it to the desktop to create a DCF file. You can then delete the toolbar button and move the DCF file into your QuickLaunch folder.

The other way is to use "C:\Program Files\GPSoftware\Directory Opus\dopusrt.exe" /CMD

In the Customize dialog, on the Commands tab, under New, there's an item called Spacer. Drag that to your toolbar to the left of the button, then right-click it and select Full Width. Now the button will always be on the right.

Ah, so there is. I played around with the width parameters but they didn't seem to do anything. Looks like I either didn't try a small enough number or didn't realise FF had to be restarted for it to take effect. Thanks for pointing out it is possible! (Scrolling still kicks in but only when the tabs are really small, which is fine.)

Now if only there was a way to get rid of the drop-down arrow on the right, without editing Chrome files.