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Tabs group behavior


I play with tabs group and I notice strange behavior.
If I open tabs group (button in toolbar), tabs are open and button is activate.
Question: is it normal that button is activate even if I close all tabs ?

Now that tabs are close, I save current lister to default. If I open new lister, only one tab is open, but tabs group button is always activate. And if I clic button to open tabs group, sometimes DO freeze (no crash, no dump file).


The button indicates the last tab group you opened by default. We added that a few updates ago as people requested it.

As soon as you change folders or open or close one tab, you're no longer strictly looking at the same tab group anymore, so it only makes sense to indicate the one you loaded/started from.

Re freezes, maybe due to particular files or folders triggering a problem (potentially in a 3rd party shell extension):

If the process freezes, you can generate a dump using Task Manager:


So how to tell opus that the tabs group is disabled?



Dumps files sent...


Re the dumps: Please try using ShellExView to disable anything to do with McAfee (shext.dll or ScriptSn.20161201132401.dll or similar) and see if it still happens.

(It is not definitely them, but they seem the most likely thing from what I can see so far, so it's worth checking if they are involved.)


I've been looking at the dumps you sent again. It seems to involve the filter bar, but we can't see a reason why it would freeze at the point it is (unless the aforementioned DLLs are doing something very unusual).

It looks like when you are loading the tab group it is applying a filter to the Filter Bar.

  • Does that match what you're doing?
  • Could you give us any details on how you have the tab group or filter set up? (I can't work out a combination of settings which would do what the dumps say is happening. AFAIK tab groups can't save the type of filter which the filter bar applies.)
  • Are any scripts involved that might be setting filters or doing things when tabs open?
  • Also, a screenshot of Preferences / File Displays / FAYT and Filter Bar Options may help us reproduce what you're seeing.


This tabs group freeze DO everytime (tabs with ftp directories).
There is no filter set up, even when I load tab group.
I just select tab group in tabs group list or by command Go TABGROUPLOAD="Serveur WC".

But if I disable Filter Bar (change to "Whenever a filter is set" or "Only when editing the filter"), it's ok.
I can send you "Serveur WC.otg" if you want.


I disable all scripts, DO freeze again.