Takes 2-3 seconds to read any folder in Network Drive (My Cloud Home)

Hello there,

I like to find out why reading folders in my network drive (My Cloud Home) takes 2-3 seconds. Everything works perfectly for Dopus 12 otherwise.
Is there any particular setting that I missed out?
I tried reading the posts but have not managed to find a solution.
Thank you.

Does it take a similar amount of time in File Explorer?

If Preferences / Folders / Folder Behavior / Sort shortcuts to folders like folders is on, try turning it off as it can affect how long it takes a folder to display.

Hello Leo,

Thank you for replying.
It's turned off.
I checked the time to display the folder contents again.
It takes approximately 3-6 seconds to display folders. For a folder with more than 100 subfolders, it takes more than 8 seconds and sometimes Dopus seems to hang for a few seconds before the folder contents are displayed.

File explorer takes less than 0.5 secs to display the folders.

Does turning off the folder tree help?

Hello Leo,
I turned off all folder trees and it did not help. :frowning:
Let me know if there are other things I can try.
Thank you for helping.

Please help as this is the last check before I make the purchase.
I compared the various file managers and I like Dopus most.
Thank you.

You could send a process monitor log to us:

Seeing what happens with both Explorer and Opus could be useful. Please do Explorer first to ensure the issue isn’t caching or drives waking up, where whichever program is second ends up faster.

It's very strange. I uploaded a file to the Network drive and the issues I mentioned disappeared. I will proceed to purchase this program.
Thank you for this excellent piece of software. I like the sync feature most. :slight_smile:

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The problem seems to be back again.
I will find time in the next few days to get the process log for your analysis.

Thank you.

Hello @Leo,

I sent the process logs to your inbox.
Please review them when you have the time.
Thank you.

Hello Leo,

I also notice something interesting.
If I just leave File Explorer open (and it might not even be accessing the network drive), Dopus works fine in the network drive. When I close the File Explorer app, Dopus exhibits the mentioned issues.

Looking at the logs, the 2-3 seconds time is simply how long the drive is taking to return a directory listing sometimes.

It's also affecting other processes that access the MyCloud drive, with lots of lengthy operations in the lower log, not just for dopus.exe.

Why the drive is faster (although still slow relative to normal) when File Explorer is looking at it, I couldn't say, but it's not just Opus that is affected.

It might be something to ask My Cloud about. Maybe they've optimised things for when File Explorer is accessing the drive or something? Quite strange, in any case.

Hello @Leo,

Thank you for taking the time and trouble to review the logs.
I tested other software like Xplorer and it's exactly the same scenario.
You just need File Explorer to be open (and not even accessing the network drive).
It is really strange.
Let's close this issue and move on.

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I've had a My Cloud Home device.

It's a good idea gone wrong.

Good idea? Like a NAS for non-technical people. Plug it in, scan the QR code on the back. Make an account. And there you go.
Gone wrong? Anything beyond "let's save a data on a remote drive" is ... more or less problematic.

You can add users, but cannot manage as superuser.

You cannot use the build in backup tool (don't recall the name), it makes the passively cooled device spin the HDD's like 24/24 7/7 for weeks .

The Plex server is there... but not well maintained. Decoding on the fly is not possible. Streaming anything beyond 1080p is nearly impossible because it lacks speed (to Nvidia Shield).

You cannot backup to the NAS with a tool like Acronis, because it won't recognize the network drive as network drive due to a proprietary driver in Windows.

Probably the lag in reading out a folder can be related. Any other explorer will probably (educated guess) have the same issues.

I ended up pulling the 2 x 8tb drives out (WD reds) and buying a Synology case. The price I paid for the My Cloud Home was less than would I have bought two seperate WD Reds. I trashed the beautiful designed case. Damn shame.

@Jr_Gn Thanks for the additional insight,
It's probably time for me to look for an alternative NAS. :slight_smile: