Text Viewer isn't showing a particular font for the Hex view font selection

So, I've got a font that I use pretty much for all code related work called LigaHack. Standard true type, fixed width font.
When I drop down list list of fonts for the TEXT viewer options, it's there, I can select it, works perfect.

BUT when I drop down the list of fonts for the HEX VIEWER options, LigaHack isn't listed.
However, Cascadia Code Light IS listed in both drop downs. They're both fixed width fonts, so there must be some other attribute that the config window is using to filter out fonts to list in the Hex options

Any idea what that criteria might be so I can look into fixing that particular font so that it shows?

If the font isn't listed then it's likely it isn't properly flagged as monospaced/fixed-width.

There was a similar issue recently with an updated font pack where the process they used changed and broke the flags, which was then fixed in another update to the fonts:

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Indeed. It turns out the variation of Hack I was using called Liga Hack was NOT flagged as monospace, even though it's a monospace font.
After some experimentation, I ended up settling on Fira Code, which IS properly flagged, and it does show up in both font lists correctly.

Thanks for the help with this!

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