The request is not supported (50) when moving sparse files

Sometimes when I'm moving files I get an error that reads "The request is not supported (50)". If I click on retry it works the second time, every time.

The only unusual thing about those files is that they are sparse. I'm on V12.27.

Where are you moving them from and to? The same logical disk, or another one? Local drives or network drives? If network, is it a Windows machine or a NAS at the other end(s)?

If Preferences / File Operations / Copy Attributes / Copy sparse files as sparse is on, does turning it off make a difference?

This happens with local drives, although they are also network shares for other computers to access. No other machines were accessing them at the time.

Different logical disk on a different physical drive. Source is an SSD, destination is a HDD.

Machine is running Windows 8.1. Copy sparse files is on, I will experiment with turning it off. I really need it to be on though.

Turning off copy sparse files seems to have cured it, but I need that so I turned it back on.

Does the target drive/filesystem support sparse files? Or is the error because it can't be done?

I guess we could detect the error and copy the files non-sparse in that situation, automatically and without having to turn off the option, but it may not be what you want/expect if you need the files to be sparse and don't want them to grow in physical size. The error may be telling you there's an underlying problem where the destination doesn't support sparse files at all.

Both source and destination are NTFS and support sparse files.

I usually copy a bunch of files, and 90% of them are fine but 10% get this error. Clicking retry allows them to be moved just fine, and they remain sparse. So it does work, there is just this occasional but persistent error.

I haven't been able to reproduce this so far.

Would it be possible to provide some extra information:

  • A Process Monitor log of what happens. (Let us know the name of the file that has the error, too.)

  • File size in bytes, of the file that had the error.

  • From a Command Prompt, the output of:

    fsutil sparse queryRange "C:\abc\xyz.ext"

    Where C:\abc\xyz.ext is the path to the source file that had the error.

  • Same again on the output file, to check if the ranges were set on retry, or if it simply skipped that stage after the failure.

I'll do it the next time I see it, thanks.