There is no permanent "checkbox Mode"

Developers of "Directory Opus", please add "Permanent checkbox mode" in all local, virtual and network drives/folders.
Also add a column in the "Checkbox on/OFF" columns, as in "Windows Explorer".

If you just want an easy way to toggle the selection of items, without having to hold Ctrl, you can do that in Opus using the middle mouse button without needing checkbox mode.

The checkbox mode in Opus predates the one in Explorer and is for something slightly different: Separating selection for commands that you run on files from selection to load a file into the viewer pane.

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In principle, the mouse wheel is convenient, thank you, and I did not know this

Please enable a permanent checkbox option.

The manual makes it seem like that's possible by disabling the "Cancel Checkbox mode when folder is changed" option. But if you open a new tab or exit the window the checkbox disappears.

I have an HTPC with a Logitech K400+ keyboard with touchpad. There's no middle click.

Plus I work in my living room, from the couch. The keyboard is balanced on the lap and generally it's easiest to use with one hand on the touchpad. To have to use the ctrl button so many times is kind of straining on the wrist.

This is why I always had checkbox enabled in Windows Explorer. Please consider it for Directory Opus too!

There's a script add-in which will do that here:

If you're using a keyboard/touchpad combo like the K400+, Ctrl + Space and Ctrl + Cursor Keys are also easy ways to toggle selections and move focus around without changing other files' selections. I use them myself on the same keyboard.

Power Mode also has a toggle select option, which would make left-click toggle things without needing to hold Ctrl or use the middle button. (But that won't help if you want it in Thumbnails mode, of course.)

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Yes it works!
Just added the script and now the checkbox works persistently!
Thanks so much Leo.

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